Friday, 11 October 2013

Schwarzkopf Got2B Straightening Blow Dry Kit...

Today I was in poundland having a look about when I came across this Schwarzkopf got2b straightening blow dry kit, I had a read at the back of the box  to see if it could work for me and it does seem like the perfect product for someone with unruly hair.  It states "got2b play it straight will revolutionise styling as you know it ! This 2 step do it yourself kit allows you to take smoothness to a whole new level - and you can experience the lasting effects for up to 10 washes after just one application" 

Step one is a smoothing serum you apply on to  washed towel dried hair  and leave to process for 20 mins while combing through every so often then rinse.  Step two is the sealing cream  you apply onto towel dried hair after rinsing the serum out leave to process for 10 mins whole combing through a few times  and then rinse. 

 It says do not use on hair that is permed, bleached, highlighted or relaxed, do not use on badly damaged hair, and do not use if your hair is coloured.  Now my hair has been bleached recently,  is coloured and is in quite bad condition so I do not have a clue why I bought this ! I think I just  wanted it because it was so cheap haha.  I did a quick google about it and found a good few reviews saying it completely ruined their hair and made it look and feel as if it had been bleached. So safe to say it completely put me off using this product especially because my hair is already in such a state my hair would probably fall out so it's a risk I am not willing to take. I just thought I'd let you know that this product is in poundland incase anyone is brave  enough to try it ! 

Thank you for reading. 

M x 

P.s I also noticed in poundland  they had the Schwarzkopf got2b dry shampoo which might be worth picking up. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favourites

I didn't get the chance to do a July favourites as I was so no well I didn't actually buy anything new or use anything to say it was my favourite that month.  I cannot believe we are into September, I know everyone has been saying its flew in so I'm glad it's not just me! Can't believe it's 4 month to Christmas, I remember last christmas as if it was only the other month! Anyway my August favourites are as follows

Barry M gelly nail paint - since I bought my first one in June I have been loving these so much and have bought another three in shades , Greenberry,papaya and blue grape. I really recommend these they have such a great colour range and quality and are a good price.  You can pick these up from superdrug or boots for £3.99 (Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 on Barry M & Boots are doing buy one get one half price on Barry M nails)
Papaya & silver multi glitter 

Barry M nail paint, Silver multi glitter - this is my first barry m glitter polish and I can't believe I've been missing out ! I'm always so disappointed with glitter nail polish but this didn't disappoint at all. I use this for just an accent nail on each hand as it gives a full on glitter nail with two coats it's  completely opaque. I can't wait to pick up more. You can pick this up from Superdrug or Boots for £2.99 
(Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 on Barry M & Boots are doing buy one get one half price on Barry M nails)

Simple cleansing lotion - i bought this a while back but only started using it in August as my hot cloth cleanser ran out. It's actually a really good cleanser and as you would expect from Simple it's gentle on the skin and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. You can pick this up from Superdrug and Boots for £2.99 ( Superdrug have this on offer for £1.99 at the moment)

Dove beauty hand cream - I always moisture my face and body but I always forget about my hands and so I decided to buy a hand cream to try and get into the habit of moisturising my hands.  This one from dove is actually really good, sometimes my hands can feel tight and dry but this has sorted it right out, it's fast absorbing and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy. You can pick this up from Superdrug & Boots for £3.49 (Superdrug have Dove hand creams on offer for £1.79) 

Random fave ...


Maltesers teasers - Yum ! 

Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Favourite Hair Products...


My favourite hair products at the moment are as follows. 

Superdrug dry shampoo - I was needing a new dry shampoo and came across this on buy one get one free offer so thought I'd give it a go. They have 6 different fragrances so I picked floating on a breeze and head in the clouds and they are lovely and not to much of a heavy sent for something for your hair. I really like this dry shampoo and it does what it's meant to and also doesn't leave a white powdery colour when I've sprayed it so can't say anything bad about this products. You can pick this up from superdrug for £1.99 and at the moment Superdrug are doing buy 2 for £3

Percy & Reed finishing polish - on the back it says " this gentle styler containing horse chestnut extract gives you a soft,flexible hold while sunflower wax gently moisturises"
I got this free from glamour magazine a while back and have only recently started trying it out and I really like it. I usually just put a pea sized amount in my hands and rub together and distribute through the ends of my hair once I've straightened it to help keep flyaways away and it does the job and it also comes in handy to use instead of hairspray when I have my hair up in a pony. 
I've had a look online and you can pick this up from for £8.50 (usually £10.00) with free delivery. 

Argan oil conditioner - Ive been wanting to try something with Argan oil in it for a while so when I seen this I thought I'd give this one a go. I'm not sure how much percentage there is of Argan oil but I'm not really to bothered as I really liked this anyway, my hairs in pretty bad condition at the moment due to bleaching my hair the other month so I've been looking for stuff to help give it some shine and make it feel a bit less dry and this conditioner definitely helps with the dry part of my problem. I also seen there is a shampoo and a little bottle of oil in the range so I think I'm going to pick those up and give them a go. I got this from Savers for £1.00 and Ive also seen the range in Home Bargains although I am unsure of the price but I'm pretty sure it will be round the £1 mark anyway. 

Thank you for reading. 

M x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My addictions... Boxsets

I thought I would start getting back into the swing of things on my blog by doing something different and telling you about my two favourite boxsets. 

Sex & the city - I never actually watched sex and the city but after watching the two films and loving them I decided I needed to watch the programme and got the boxset for Christmas and i was addicted! id set out to only watch one or two and then end up watching a full disc haha. I'm pretty sure most people have watched the programme or heard of it so probably no need to talk about what its about but I totally recommend it for people who haven't watched it,  it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, you find yourself agreeing on most of the talk about men and seeing all carries pretty fashion choices is a pretty good bonus in my books too. 

Ghost whisperer - my mum had watched all this on tv and recommended it to me so I picked up each series one by one from eBay for a couple of pounds each. I literally watched all 5 series within like two month I was addicted, I sometimes actually sat up to all hours just lying in bed watching it (living the exciting life haha) it follows the life of a woman named Melinda, who seems to have a pretty normal life except for the fact that from a young age she has been able to see and speak to ghosts. She uses her "gift" to help ghosts who have been earthbound because of something holding them back so she helps give them closure by speaking to their loved ones or what not and get them to cross over into the light. It's a brilliant programme and I no doubt will start watching it again soon and I really recommend it if you are looking for something new to watch but be warned you'll need tissues at times. 

I would probably have to say as much as I love sex and the city ghost whisperer is probably my most favourite boxset so far. I am on the hunt for a new programme to start watching so any recommendations are welcome. 

Thank you for reading


It's been a while.

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've wrote any posts which saddens me ! I really haven't been well at all since June so haven't been up to doing very much. I just wanted to let whoever reads this know that I will be back with posts in the next few days as I'm slowly but surely getting better ( I hope) and I haven't forgot about my wee blog. 

Thank you for reading. 

M x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Maybelline...Eye Studio Gel Liner

This was the first gel eyeliner I have tried and I love it. At first when I took it out the packet I nearly had a heart attack because of how small it is but it actually lasts a very long time. The first one I bought was over a year ago and I've only just recently had to repurchase it and that was with me using it maybe 4-5 times a week. It comes with a brush to apply the eyeliner which is good and this is the brush I use to apply it. The eyeliner itself is amazing! I have it in black but there are a few other colours like brown and black silver. I find it easy to apply as it glides on and it gives a bold black line that lasts all day without fading or smudging. It is the perfect eyeliner ! 

You can pick this up from superdrug and boots for £7.99. 

Thank you for reading. 


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Glamour magazine with freebie !

Another issue, another freebie which I thought I'd let you's know about.  Augusts issue comes with a free balance me item. You have a choice of body wash,face wash,face cream and tinted lip salve. I picked up the face cream as I've had the face wash before and wasn't a fan and unfortunately I'm not a fan of the face cream, I only got the magazine today and haven't actually tried out the cream but I really cannot stand the smell so I will not be using it ! It may be good for the skin but I guess I will never know unless I can find a way to put up with the smell. The magazine isn't due out till Monday the 8th but it was in my local shop today. It's back up to its normal price of £2 but still a bargain. 

Thank you for reading. 


Thursday, 4 July 2013

June Favourites

My first favourites post and im late with it not the best start! I've not been very well at the moment so I apologise for the lack of posts, anyway back to the task in hand. I have actually been really good in June with spending money on make up etc as I've had so much stuff to pay for and save up for I sadly haven't had the funds to fuel my addiction so I have added two of my favourites from June that aren't beauty related. 

Maybelline mega plush mascara - so glad I tried this mascara I'm loving it and think I will be for a good while. You can pick this up from superdrug or boots for £7.99 (superdrug are doing buy one get one half price on maybelline at the moment) 

Superdrug vitamin e night cream - makes my skin feel so nice and soft and helped clear up my dry patches. You can pick this up for £2.99 (they are doing 3 for 2 on the vitamin E range at the moment)

Superdrug vitamin e scrub - bought this with the night cream mentioned above to try help get the rid of my dry skin. Does the job without being to harsh on my skin and leaves my face feeling clean and soft. You can pick this up from superdrug for £2.99 (they are doing 3 for 2 at the moment on the vitamin E range at the moment) 

Aussie 3 min miracle shine - I had bleached my dyed black hair so my hair was in an awful state and lacking shine so thought I'd try an aussie product as I've heard such great things about this brand. I really like this conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling smooth and gives it a lovely shine and it smells AMAZING which is a big bonus. Can't wait to try out other aussie products. You can pick this up from superdrug for £3.50 (they are doing 2 for £6.00 at the moment) 

 And two random favourites 

An app I only discovered at the end of the month is minion rush. I love the first despicable me film (big kid) and seeing the second this week so this game got me all excited haha. It's the same idea as temple run but a little bit more exciting I think and I'm addicted to trying to beat my best score ! You can get this from the App Store (not sure if its on android) for free !

Even more random than an app is Oreo cones. I seen these in tesco the other week and knew I had to have them. I can honestly say I'm addicted to them and had two one right after the other (bad me) you can get a box of 4 from tesco for £1.24 (go back up to £2.49 on the 8th of July)

Thank you for reading. 


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Superdrug...Vitamin E Night Cream

I'm not usually one for using night creams but my skin has been playing up a lot recently with dry patches everywhere that would just not shift and my usual daily moisturiser didn't seem to be making any difference to the dry skin but I didn't want to go on a hunt for another daily moisturiser so thought I'd give a night cream a go so picked this night cream up from the Superdrug Vitamin E range as its for normal to dry skin. I really like this cream it smells nice but not to heavy and it sinks in leaving my skin feeling lovely and soft and the best bit? It cleared up my dry skin in the matter of days which I'm so happy about ! I will definitely keep using this and be repurchasing once I have ran out. I cannot recommended this enough for people that suffer from dry skin. 

You can pick this up from Superdrug for £2.99 (Bargain!) and usually there are deals on this range and at the moment it's 3 for 2. 

Thank you for reading. 

M x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Maybelline...The Mega Plush Mascara

I was in need of a new mascara when I seen this new maybelline The Mega Plush mascara so thought I'd give it a go as I'm usually a big fan of Maybelline mascaras and this one is no different.

What maybelline say about this mascara ... Mega volume goes mega plush! Our first gel mousse mascara.
Our new formula with 40% less hard waxes* and flexor brush create massive lush volume. Soft to the touch. * Vs our classic volum' express mascara.

This mascara definitely does do what it's meant to. It gives amazing volume and length without clumping and your lashes do feel soft as if there is no mascara on them which I love as I hate when your lashes feel clumpy and hard and that makes it such a task to take off but this comes off quite easily considering it doesn't smudge etc during the day. The only thing I didn't agree on was the flexor brush, cant say I have noticed it flexing while I was applying the mascara but that's not really a big deal for me and I definitely will be buying this again as i love the way my lashes look when I have used this.

With two layers of the mascara
My barely there lashes. 
(Dark bit is shadow of 
phone not my blusher ha)

You can pick this up from the likes of superdrug etc for £7.99 also superdrug are doing buy one get one half price on Maybelline products and boots are doing buy one get one half price on selected brands of make up!

Thank you for reading. 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mua...Kiss Proof Lip stain

I had never tried a lipstain before so thought I'd give the Make Up Academy ones a go. I got mine in shade kissalicious. Unfortunately I really didn't like this it is just so drying on your lips and my lips are normally quite dry so I'm not wanting to apply anything that will only make matters worse. I also found that it wasn't very noticeable on my lips, actually I would go as far to say It didn't look like I had anything on my lips but maybe that is due to the colour of my lips but im not entirely sure. I would have maybe bought another shade to try but as I said they seem to be very drying so think I will give them a miss. 

You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at For £3.00 (not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading. 


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Excuse The Rant.

This is most definitely not a beauty related post but more of a I'm frustrated so I shall share kind of post and see how many people agree haha. 

I used to have a blackberry curve mobile which at the start was great but I got bored of it quite quickly as I didn't think the apps were great and I kept having problems with the phone but unfortunately I was on a two year contract so I had to deal with it. After my contract was finally ending the iphone 5 was getting released so I decided I wanted that phone cause everyone always raves about how good iphones are compared to blackberrys but no one told me about the battery life??!! Soo this is my rant, the battery life. It is a great phone don't get me wrong and I do prefer it over the blackberry curve but for a phone that is built to be used all the time the battery life is terrible ! Whenever I'm in the house my phones never off charge and I'm afraid the battery's going to end up just dying completely with it being over charged (if that can happen) and another thing that drives me mad is where the charger goes in at the bottom it's just so awkward when you're trying to use it when it's charging so no doubt my charger will be needing replaced soon as its starting to show wear arghhh ! 

I do apologise for my mad turn but I felt like sharing my frustrations and seeing if other people agree (which I'm sure there will be ). I shall try not to do another rant post any time soon but I can't promise anything ! 

Thank you for reading. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Glamour Magazine With Freebie !

Im a huge fan of Glamour magazine I get it every month and look forward to its release day (as sad as that may be) i especially look forward to it when a freebie is involved and this month it's freebie time yayy ! The freebies are by a make up brand called Model Co and you can get either an eyeliner,lipgloss,mascara or lip liner so I chose the eyeliner. I haven't ever tried anything from this brand but I must say their eyeliner is actually a really good bold black that glides on easily and it also has a sharpener in the lid which is handy. I think I'm going to pick up another magazine to give the other freebies a try and this month glamour is £1 instead of £2 soo it's a total bargain  especially when the make up with the magazine are worth around £15 each ! Great read and a nice new make up product for a pound ? Can't ask for much better in my books ! 

Thank you for reading.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Barry M...Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint

Without flash

This is the first of the gelly range I have tried and I absolutely love it ! The one I bought is called blueberry which is a lovely blue colour. It definitely does give the lovely hi shine gel effect  it claims to give sooo I'm very happy with my recent purchase and can't wait to try out more. I won't comment on lasting power as I do believe it just depends on the individual.
With flash 
You can pick this up from Superdrug or boots or order online at for £3.99 (not including delivery if ordering online)

Thank you for reading. 

M x 

P.s Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 on all cosmetics until the 6th of June (I believe) happy shopping !x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mua...Matte Perfect Loose Powder

I've never been much of a fan of loose powder as I find its always so messy but since I was getting bored of my pressed powder I thought I'd pick this up as I'm a big fan of Make Up Academy (as you can tell by my posts) This powder is translucent and has a little tray over the powder with holes in it and you just tap the bottom of the container to get some powder through the holes which definitely makes things a lot easier and less messy ! I apply this powder after my foundation to take away shine and set my foundation and use it during the day for little touch ups and I have to say this stuff is soo good ! It covers up shine and makes my skin look much better. There's really not a bad thing to say about this and it's such a great price. 

 You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at  For £2.30 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading. 

M x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rimmel...Match Perfect Foundation

This is the only Rimmel foundation i haven't tried so thought id give it a go . The match perfect range has more shades than any other of their ranges which i like as the lightest shades in the other Rimmel foundations is ivory which is usually perfect for me but for some reason ivory is a darker shade with Rimmel compared to other ivory shades from other make up brands. I really liked their lasting foundation but unfortunately as just previously stated it was to dark for me which is typical ! So anyway about the foundation im actually posting about. I got it in shade 010 light porcelain which is a great match for me. It is a really runny liquid foundation but i don't mind it to much as i use my Real Techniques expert face brush to apply, once applied i have noticed it gives a really high shine to my face ( i don't have oily skin) which i don't like at all as it really does look as if there is water all over my face so i end up having to use loads of loose powder which does the job thankfully. Lasting power i would say is really good but as i said i use a powder after application this probably helps set it for longer. I have found it does seem to stick to some of my dry patches but for me at the moment so does every foundation which is a nightmare ! I would say coverage is light to medium but can be built up. 

You can pick this up from the likes of Superdrug, boots etc for £6.99

Thank you for reading.


P.s Has anyone ever had problems with their skin where no matter what you do foundation doesnt take to certain parts of your face? Everytime i apply foundation at the moment (no matter what foundation or technique i use to apply) it just doesnt apply to my nose properly and looks all weird and horrible ( only way i can describe it) and nothing is covering it up. Its not oily or dry and ive tried EVERYTHING so as you may have guessed it has been driving me insane so if anyone has any suggestions about what could be wrong and what i could use please comment and let me know :) 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I was looking for a new eyeliner that would help make doing flicks etc a little bit easier so thought id give a felt eyeliner a go so picked up the Extreme Felt Eyeliner by Make Up Academy as i love their products (as you can probably tell by most of my blog posts!) but unfortunately i didn't really like this much as it didn't give a strong black line but if you go over the line a few times it does build up colour but still not as black as i would have liked so this one wasn't for me. 
Extreme Felt Eyeliner

You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at for £2.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

I then decided to give Make Up Academy's waterproof liquid eyeliner a go and i actually really like this product. It gives a very strong black line in just one stroke and the applicator is thin so is  perfect for creating flicks and getting right into the lash line, it also has great lasting power so for me it is the perfect eyeliner and i'll definitely be using this a lot. 
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at for £1.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mua...Undress me too eyeshadow palette.

When I first seen this palette I knew I had to have it. The packaging is different from make up academy's other palettes but I think I prefer the white and this palette has names for each eyeshadow which I much prefer. The colours are gorgeous, particularly the gold metallics and they are all so highly pigmented as you can see from the pictures, the first shade in the palette called naked isn't very detectable but that's just because of the shade of my skin but I like using it as a base so it's definitely not going to waste. I find the colours last quite well but would probably last a lot a longer if you use an eye primer prior to application. ( I must invest in one) I love experimenting with this palette and trying out new eye looks and would recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for great affordable eyeshadows.

Top Half Of Palette - Left To Right
Naked,Devotion,Shy,Fiery,Lavish & Dreamy
Bottom Half Of Palette - Left To Right
Tranquil, Exposed,Reveal,Wink,Obsessed & Corrupt

You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at for £4.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online)

Thank you for reading


Friday, 3 May 2013

Mua...Nail Constellations

Make Up Academy Nail Constellations - In Bottle Leo (Pinky/Purple &Blue Beads)

Supplied in a funnel for easy application with a re-sealable top. Using the funnel application simply bed the beads onto a thick coat of your nail polish.
When doing this you should have your hand over a bowl to catch all the beads that don't stick to your nails.

I was excited to try them out but I was soo disappointed with them. They were fine to start with but within less than 24 hours I had noticed the beads had lost their colour and were just a silvery colour now but at that point I put it down to the fact I had put a clear top of varnish over them so second time round I left out the clear top but the same thing happened so I contacted Mua and they told me that no one else had complained about them so far and they sent me out another bottle so I gave those ones a try hoping that maybe mines were just faulty but they done the exact same thing so I haven't used them since. So unfortunately for me they were a let down.

Has anyone else had this problem with them ?

You can pick these up from Superdrug or order online at for £3.00 (not including delivery if ordering online)

Thank you for reading.

M x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mua...Shimmer highlighter

Make up Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

What make up academy say about this product ... Undress your skin highlighting powder is a lightweight baked powder designed to provide sheer coverage and a radiant soft-focus effect to transform your complexion with luminescence shimmer.

I've only just recently started using highlighter and was using the one that is in the make up academy artiste collection palette so when they announced this new product a while back I knew I had to have it as I love the other one but it is tiny and was running out so when this was finally released I picked it up. First of all I love the packaging and the design of the actual product it's so pretty and looks more expensive than what it is, so far so good ! i absolutely loved this highlighter from the first application it is so soft and it gives such a lovely natural shimmery glow that isn't at all harsh. I am so glad I picked it up as I have been and will be using this a lot. I would definitely recommend you pick this up and at such a good price you can't go wrong. 

You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at ... for the great price of £3.00 ( not including delivey if ordering online)

Thank you for reading.

M x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kleenex...Shine Absorbing Sheets

I first came across these absorbing sheets in Superdrug but decided against buying them for some reason but then I came across them again in my local Home Bargains store for only 69p so obviously had to pick them up because they were so cheap !

They claim to take away excess oil from your face whilst keeping your make up intact. The inside of the lid has a sticky tab so that when you pull it open one of the sheets is stuck to it for easy access instead of fiddling about trying to make sure you only take one out. They come in a packet of 50 and are the perfect size so can be used discretely and are purple with a pattern on one side and plain on the other which is the side you dab onto your oily patches. I actually really liked these sheets they definitely done the job  and you can see the oil on the sheet ( as you can see from the picture, Sorry! wanted to show you they worked) and it does keep your make up intact and because they are powder free its not adding anything to your face. I would recommend these to anyone who notices their face becoming oily through out the day.

You can pick these up from the likes of Superdrug,Boots etc for £2.99 or from Home Bargins for 69p

Thank you for reading.


Thursday, 25 April 2013


I've been slowly but surely adding to my lipstick collection and I recently picked up another two by Make Up Academy. The two shades I got are shade 4 which is a really nice light subtle pink and the second one is shade 16 nectar which is a lovely nude orangey colour which is perfect for me as I feel a bright orange wouldn't suit me.

I really love these two as they glide on to the lips because they are so soft and moisturising and they give such a nice colour. They do need touching up every few hours but that's something I can live with as they are just so good and such a bargain. I will definitely be  picking up more of these.

You can pick up these lipsticks from Superdrug or order online at for £1.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading.

M x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mua...Out There Plumping Lip Gloss

I picked up two of these plumping lip glosses by Make Up Academy in shades "Sienna & Nude"

I've tried a plumping lip gloss before from another brand but I didn't find it plumped my lips up at all and the colour wasn't great so thought I'd give Mua's ones a shot and I'm so glad I did. The sienna one is a lovely orangey colour which is so nice on, the nude one as you may have guessed doesn't have much colour to it as it is nude but I like to put this over my lipstick by mua in shade bare (I've done a post on it )

Now the plumping part... It actually works !! You can feel your lips tingling so you know it's working and your lips definitely do look a bit more plump. I was really happy with these and they are such a great price. I've already decided il be picking up more shades especially the shocking pink one. It's love.

You can pick these up at Superdrug or order online at for £2.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online)

Thank you for reading.