Thursday, 13 June 2013

Excuse The Rant.

This is most definitely not a beauty related post but more of a I'm frustrated so I shall share kind of post and see how many people agree haha. 

I used to have a blackberry curve mobile which at the start was great but I got bored of it quite quickly as I didn't think the apps were great and I kept having problems with the phone but unfortunately I was on a two year contract so I had to deal with it. After my contract was finally ending the iphone 5 was getting released so I decided I wanted that phone cause everyone always raves about how good iphones are compared to blackberrys but no one told me about the battery life??!! Soo this is my rant, the battery life. It is a great phone don't get me wrong and I do prefer it over the blackberry curve but for a phone that is built to be used all the time the battery life is terrible ! Whenever I'm in the house my phones never off charge and I'm afraid the battery's going to end up just dying completely with it being over charged (if that can happen) and another thing that drives me mad is where the charger goes in at the bottom it's just so awkward when you're trying to use it when it's charging so no doubt my charger will be needing replaced soon as its starting to show wear arghhh ! 

I do apologise for my mad turn but I felt like sharing my frustrations and seeing if other people agree (which I'm sure there will be ). I shall try not to do another rant post any time soon but I can't promise anything ! 

Thank you for reading. 


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