Saturday, 27 April 2013

Kleenex...Shine Absorbing Sheets

I first came across these absorbing sheets in Superdrug but decided against buying them for some reason but then I came across them again in my local Home Bargains store for only 69p so obviously had to pick them up because they were so cheap !

They claim to take away excess oil from your face whilst keeping your make up intact. The inside of the lid has a sticky tab so that when you pull it open one of the sheets is stuck to it for easy access instead of fiddling about trying to make sure you only take one out. They come in a packet of 50 and are the perfect size so can be used discretely and are purple with a pattern on one side and plain on the other which is the side you dab onto your oily patches. I actually really liked these sheets they definitely done the job  and you can see the oil on the sheet ( as you can see from the picture, Sorry! wanted to show you they worked) and it does keep your make up intact and because they are powder free its not adding anything to your face. I would recommend these to anyone who notices their face becoming oily through out the day.

You can pick these up from the likes of Superdrug,Boots etc for £2.99 or from Home Bargins for 69p

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  1. These must be the prettiest blotting sheets I have ever seen! Thanks for the great review. I am currently using the Tea Tree Blotting Sheets from The Body Shop but I think I shall try these next :)

    Now following you on Bloglovin x

    Amina || Blog: Oh just one more ||

    1. yeah you definitely should :) pretty and do the job, what more could you ask for !

      Thank you so much for following. Love your blog & have started following you on bloglovin.