Friday, 11 October 2013

Schwarzkopf Got2B Straightening Blow Dry Kit...

Today I was in poundland having a look about when I came across this Schwarzkopf got2b straightening blow dry kit, I had a read at the back of the box  to see if it could work for me and it does seem like the perfect product for someone with unruly hair.  It states "got2b play it straight will revolutionise styling as you know it ! This 2 step do it yourself kit allows you to take smoothness to a whole new level - and you can experience the lasting effects for up to 10 washes after just one application" 

Step one is a smoothing serum you apply on to  washed towel dried hair  and leave to process for 20 mins while combing through every so often then rinse.  Step two is the sealing cream  you apply onto towel dried hair after rinsing the serum out leave to process for 10 mins whole combing through a few times  and then rinse. 

 It says do not use on hair that is permed, bleached, highlighted or relaxed, do not use on badly damaged hair, and do not use if your hair is coloured.  Now my hair has been bleached recently,  is coloured and is in quite bad condition so I do not have a clue why I bought this ! I think I just  wanted it because it was so cheap haha.  I did a quick google about it and found a good few reviews saying it completely ruined their hair and made it look and feel as if it had been bleached. So safe to say it completely put me off using this product especially because my hair is already in such a state my hair would probably fall out so it's a risk I am not willing to take. I just thought I'd let you know that this product is in poundland incase anyone is brave  enough to try it ! 

Thank you for reading. 

M x 

P.s I also noticed in poundland  they had the Schwarzkopf got2b dry shampoo which might be worth picking up.