Thursday, 25 April 2013


I've been slowly but surely adding to my lipstick collection and I recently picked up another two by Make Up Academy. The two shades I got are shade 4 which is a really nice light subtle pink and the second one is shade 16 nectar which is a lovely nude orangey colour which is perfect for me as I feel a bright orange wouldn't suit me.

I really love these two as they glide on to the lips because they are so soft and moisturising and they give such a nice colour. They do need touching up every few hours but that's something I can live with as they are just so good and such a bargain. I will definitely be  picking up more of these.

You can pick up these lipsticks from Superdrug or order online at for £1.00 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading.

M x


  1. Both the shades look amazing! especially loving the orangey/coral colour!! xx

    1. I know they are lovely :) thanks for commenting !xxx