Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mua...Matte Perfect Loose Powder

I've never been much of a fan of loose powder as I find its always so messy but since I was getting bored of my pressed powder I thought I'd pick this up as I'm a big fan of Make Up Academy (as you can tell by my posts) This powder is translucent and has a little tray over the powder with holes in it and you just tap the bottom of the container to get some powder through the holes which definitely makes things a lot easier and less messy ! I apply this powder after my foundation to take away shine and set my foundation and use it during the day for little touch ups and I have to say this stuff is soo good ! It covers up shine and makes my skin look much better. There's really not a bad thing to say about this and it's such a great price. 

 You can pick this up from Superdrug or order online at http://www.muastore.co.uk/  For £2.30 ( not including delivery if ordering online) 

Thank you for reading. 

M x

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