Friday, 3 May 2013

Mua...Nail Constellations

Make Up Academy Nail Constellations - In Bottle Leo (Pinky/Purple &Blue Beads)

Supplied in a funnel for easy application with a re-sealable top. Using the funnel application simply bed the beads onto a thick coat of your nail polish.
When doing this you should have your hand over a bowl to catch all the beads that don't stick to your nails.

I was excited to try them out but I was soo disappointed with them. They were fine to start with but within less than 24 hours I had noticed the beads had lost their colour and were just a silvery colour now but at that point I put it down to the fact I had put a clear top of varnish over them so second time round I left out the clear top but the same thing happened so I contacted Mua and they told me that no one else had complained about them so far and they sent me out another bottle so I gave those ones a try hoping that maybe mines were just faulty but they done the exact same thing so I haven't used them since. So unfortunately for me they were a let down.

Has anyone else had this problem with them ?

You can pick these up from Superdrug or order online at for £3.00 (not including delivery if ordering online)

Thank you for reading.

M x

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