Saturday, 17 August 2013

My addictions... Boxsets

I thought I would start getting back into the swing of things on my blog by doing something different and telling you about my two favourite boxsets. 

Sex & the city - I never actually watched sex and the city but after watching the two films and loving them I decided I needed to watch the programme and got the boxset for Christmas and i was addicted! id set out to only watch one or two and then end up watching a full disc haha. I'm pretty sure most people have watched the programme or heard of it so probably no need to talk about what its about but I totally recommend it for people who haven't watched it,  it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, you find yourself agreeing on most of the talk about men and seeing all carries pretty fashion choices is a pretty good bonus in my books too. 

Ghost whisperer - my mum had watched all this on tv and recommended it to me so I picked up each series one by one from eBay for a couple of pounds each. I literally watched all 5 series within like two month I was addicted, I sometimes actually sat up to all hours just lying in bed watching it (living the exciting life haha) it follows the life of a woman named Melinda, who seems to have a pretty normal life except for the fact that from a young age she has been able to see and speak to ghosts. She uses her "gift" to help ghosts who have been earthbound because of something holding them back so she helps give them closure by speaking to their loved ones or what not and get them to cross over into the light. It's a brilliant programme and I no doubt will start watching it again soon and I really recommend it if you are looking for something new to watch but be warned you'll need tissues at times. 

I would probably have to say as much as I love sex and the city ghost whisperer is probably my most favourite boxset so far. I am on the hunt for a new programme to start watching so any recommendations are welcome. 

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