Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Glamour Magazine With Freebie !

Im a huge fan of Glamour magazine I get it every month and look forward to its release day (as sad as that may be) i especially look forward to it when a freebie is involved and this month it's freebie time yayy ! The freebies are by a make up brand called Model Co and you can get either an eyeliner,lipgloss,mascara or lip liner so I chose the eyeliner. I haven't ever tried anything from this brand but I must say their eyeliner is actually a really good bold black that glides on easily and it also has a sharpener in the lid which is handy. I think I'm going to pick up another magazine to give the other freebies a try and this month glamour is £1 instead of £2 soo it's a total bargain  especially when the make up with the magazine are worth around £15 each ! Great read and a nice new make up product for a pound ? Can't ask for much better in my books ! 

Thank you for reading.


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