Thursday, 11 April 2013

My search for instant volume

Once I've used my straighteners my hair becomes flat and lifeless so I've been looking for products that give instant volume to my hair without leaving it sticky. 

Firstly i picked up the Schwarzkopf got2b powderful volumizing styling powder 

It says on the back.. How to use : Shake a small amount into your palm and rub hands together. You'll see the powder disappear but still feel it on your hands. Distribute into dry hair, focusing on the roots, for an instant root boost and volume. Tips For an extra volume boost, shake powder directly into the roots of your hair, using your fingers to work it in and create big, volumised styles. 

I apply this powder directly to my roots and rub in until i am happy with the volume, you do have to be careful though as it does come out as a white powder so have to make sure its rubbed in properly. This powder definitely gives my roots volume but is very sticky and is really hard to brush out and i also found that when i would wash my hair one wash wouldnt remove it completely so two shampoos are needed. I also found the volume didnt last very long but if i just put my fingers through the roots it would help bring back the volume. 

You can pick this up from the likes of superdrug, boots etc for £4.05 but if you're close enough to a Savers store then you can pick this up for £2.50 which is where i got mine. 

I also picked up the VO5 Dry backcomb spray 

It says on the back
  • Instantly adds fullness for amazing volume
  • Wont damage your hair like backcombing can
  • Can be used as a 'pick me up' style re-activator
How to use.. Spray evenly onto dry hair, concentrating at the roots and holding the can approx 30cm away from your hair. Rub into roots with your fingertips. 

I bought this spray in the hope i could get the volume i wanted without the product leaving my hair sticky and hard to brush. I spray this directly onto my roots and rub in with my fingertips. Unfortunately i didn't find this spray gave me any volume at all which is disappointing as i found myself having to backcomb my hair which really does defeat the purpose of the spray. 

You can pick this up from the likes of superdrug,boots etc for £3.69. 

Looks like i still have to search for the perfect instant volume product but until then i shall be using the Schwarzkopf volumizing powder and just putting up with the stickiness because my hair is in need of a lot of volume.

Thank you for reading.

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